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The Cancer Treatment Foundation Raised 1.8 Million in Revenue in 2017 and Supported 100 People

08.02.2018 a press conference and council meeting were held at Sokos Hotel Viru conference centre celebrating the Gift of Life Cancer Treatment Foundation's fourth anniversary. Besides the foundation's board and its council, Rain Laane, the chairman of management board of the Health Insurance Fund, and Ave Laas, the project manager of the charity Duck Race 2018, took the floor during the media event as well. Marju Maasik-Kütt, who is supported by the foundation, was also present.


"The work of the Gift of Life Cancer Treatment Foundation is highly appreciated. The foundation acts as a bridge between new medications and health insurance, as the Health Insurance Fund is unable to fund new medications," said Rain Laane, the chairman of management board of the Health Insurance Fund. "In 2017, the Health Insurance Fund covered all in all 106 million euros' worth of cancer treatment. Any additional contribution, such as the major support of the Gift of Life Foundation's donors, is extremely important. We are working on it to find, in cooperation with the foundation, means to negotiate a reasonable price from pharmaceutical companies for medications to help our people."


"The lack of availability of cancer treatment medications is a major problem for Estonian health care, but it's not the only one. The fundamental problem lies in the overall low funding of health care, resulting in a lack of availability of cancer treatment medications among others," said member of the Gift of Life Cancer Treatment Foundation Council, Dr Peeter Padrik.


"In Estonia, healthcare costs amount to 6.7% of GDP. In OECD countries it's 9% on average. Estonian healthcare spends only half of that spent per person on average in other OECD countries. At the same time the donations made to the cancer treatment foundation prove that Estonians are willing to contribute more to healthcare if they can see where the money goes and what it's needed for. It would be the task of politicians, healthcare officials and perhaps even doctors to establish additional systems besides the Health Insurance Fund that would enable additional funds to be provided to the healthcare system to cover therapeutic needs not yet covered," he added.


"In 2017, the cancer treatment foundation was dumbstruck in a good sense. Estonians’ willingness to do good knocked us off our feet," said Toivo Tänavsuu, the head of the cancer treatment foundation. "The foundation's revenues skyrocketed and we were able to make a gift of hope and life to one hundred people. Nearly 20,000 people donated to the foundation and we continued to help every cancer patient who came to us and belonged to our target group. None were left without an additional chance. This shows something is very much right with Estonian society: we want and can help our own people as one in this difficult fight. Today our hearts are filled with gratitude."


2017 in numbers: 

×     100 people receiving support (+2.5×) 

×     1.8 million euros revenue (+ 1 million) 

×     1.4 million euros for cancer treatment (+2×) 

×     20,000 benefactors (+ the people who donated via the donation boxes) 

×     3500+ regular benefactors 

×     3.4% foundation's operating costs 

×     90,000 euros operating grant from the state



2014 – 250,000 euros revenue, 11 people supported 

2015 – 630,000 euros revenue, 50 people supported 

2016 – 805,000 euros revenue, 45 people supported 

2017 – 1.8 million euros revenue, 100 people supported


The Gift of Life Cancer Treatment Foundation kindly asks all people and companies in Estonia to support the foundation with a regular donation to make sure no one is left without crucial help in 2018.You can become a regular benefactor within seconds using the bank link at

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