The cancer treatment foundation "The Gift of Life" supports treatment (medications and procedures) that is indicated for the patient and evidence-based, that the Health Insurance Fund refuses to compensate and that has no equivalent alternative covered by the Health Insurance Fund.

The patient applies for support in co-operation with their treating physician. In order to apply, the patient fills in and sends the foundation an application form along with a physician's referral, epicrisis (summary of medical case) and treatment price calculation.

The Patient Application Form can be found on the application form page (at the top left of this very page). The completed application form can be sent to the foundation:

  • digitally signed (e-mail:;
  • signed on paper and then scanned (e-mail:; or
  • signed on paper and sent by post (address: Kollane 4-2, 10147 Tallinn). The application may (but does not have to be) sent via registered post.

After we have received a duly completed patient application form, the CEO sends the patient an acknowledgement of receipt.

Should the reply not arrive within reasonable time, there is a chance that it may not have reached us due to circumstances beyond our control. Should the reply not arrive, we kindly ask that the applicant checks whether the application has reached the foundation by calling our CEO Margit Saar on +372 52 35 856.

If necessary, we ask the applicant or their treating physician for more information.

The council of the foundation makes a decision about support as soon as possible, often within a couple of days, but no later than within two weeks. The reply may only take longer due to circumstances beyond our control.

The foundation does not support already completed treatment whose cost the patient seeks to compensate retroactively. As a rule we do not support alternative treatments.

A necessary condition for receiving support is that the Health Insurance Fund refuses to compensate the treatment (including exceptionally).

Key principles of support:

  1. We only support oncological treatment. We prefer supporting the purchase of medication to supporting treatment procedures (including those carried out abroad).
  2. In order to receive support the patient needs to provide us with a duly completed application along with a treating physician's referral and a summary of the medical case (epicrisis). The treatment must be indicated for the patient.
  3. There must be a clear failure in the health care system for the patient (the necessary treatment/medication does not form part of national health insurance and is not covered by the special compensation of the Health Insurance Fund to the extent necessary). The medication must have marketing authorisation.
  4. The council makes its decisions about support according to its statutes.
  5. The foundation does not provide long-term treatment guarantees. It provides support in accordance with the resources available to it. It guarantees the availability of the medication or treatment until the date decided by the council.
  6. The foundation does not compete with the Health Insurance Fund. The foundation is not able to help everyone who applies. Nor is it obliged to support anyone. Its decisions may be subjective. The foundation is more of an additional option for patients (for example, if they need a medication that is not yet available at a discount, but may soon be so).
  7. The foundation does not award cash. In the event of the approval of an application, the foundation covers the applicant’s medical bill(s).
  8. Since the foundation has limited resources and because it seeks to help as many people as possible, it requires patients to provide as much self-financing as possible. Decisions may depend on the patient’s own contribution if the foundation has a limited amount of resources and a large number of applicants.
Approved at the council meeting on 8 April 2014 (amended 26 May 2016).