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Foundation’s finances under great pressure: we are in the red by half a million euros in 2022

Ahto Taat (41), father from Tartu with his son Roland. Since this spring, we have been supporting Ahto’s battle with a tumour that costs almost 1800 euros every month to manage.

In the first 10 months of 2022, the Gift of Life cancer treatment foundation has helped almost 170 people, the youngest being 18 years old. The foundation’s income over the ten months totals almost 2.5 million euros, but a record 3 million euros has gone to paying medical bills this year.

“We sincerely thank our nearly 10,000 permanent supporters thanks to whom we have been a sustainable organisation year after year that cancer patients can depend on when in need,” says Toivo Tänavsuu, the foundation’s director.

“And yet, the pressure on the foundation’s wallet has been unprecedented. This is why we urge the people of Estonia to become permanent supporters of the foundation by donating even the smallest amount every month, and for work and study collectives and companies of Estonia to make this year’s Christmas donation in support of cancer patients. Life has shown that the next person to need the foundation’s help could be anybody: your family member, good friend, dear colleague – then it’s our foundation that can help lift one large burden off your shoulders.”

Half of the people who the cancer treatment foundation has helped are over 60 years old and 40% of them are between the ages of 40-59. This year, the foundation has again helped many mothers and fathers who are raising their underage children (for example, father Ahto in the photo). If necessary, the foundation is also ready to support the treatment of children with cancer that the Health Insurance Fund is not financing.

The biggest bills that the foundation has received this year have been from cornea melanoma patients, the most well-known of whom is conductor and singing teacher Janne Fridolin, and patients receiving various modern immunotherapy treatments. In just the last three moths, the foundation has contributed more than a million euros to the health of Estonian people and to prolonging their lives to the fullest.

You can become a permanent supporter of the Gift of Life in just a few minutes HERE.
We recommend our permanent donors to check your permanent donation in your online bank as it may have expired without you noticing. 

For companies, there are various opportunities to support us around Christmas, on which you can get more information by writing or calling 55922221. 

The foundation’s representatives Toivo Tänavsuu and Katrin Kuusemäe are ready to come and meet generous donors’ collectives (at company parties, Christmas parties, seminars and other gatherings) to present the foundation’s mission and values.

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