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Cancer Treatment Foundation's February: A Couple Dozen Gifts of Life and Nearly a Quarter of a Million Euros Raised

Here's a summary of the Gift of Life Cancer Treatment Foundation's activities in February 2018.

In February, more than 232,000 euros was donated to the cancer treatment foundation. The foundation council approved the funding of the treatment of 16 people, six of whom are receiving the foundation's support for the first time.

We also supported many other people whose decision to treat was made earlier. All in all the foundation covered more than 152,000 euros worth of medical bills.

Flood of applications

In 2018, we have received exceptionally many applications. All in all we have supported nearly 50 people by mid-March. Demand is high. Read the summary here.

A gift of hope, a gift of life

We have many grateful beneficiaries. For example, we have supported the treatment of Marju Maasik-Kütt since the second half of 2017. Listen to Marju's interview on the Vikerhommik radio programme here.

Family man Alar Tupp from Mustvee, who was declared to be free from disease thanks to the foundation's help, and Grandma Anika Mõrd from Põlva appeared in Hästi, Eesti TV programme on Tallinna TV. Watch the programme. As a part of the programme, Toivo and programme host Jüri Aarma raised donations in the Stockmann department store. You can watch here how this turned out.

A beneficiary of the Gift of Life, political scientist Agu Uudelepp, gave an interview to Radar TV programme. Watch his interview here.

Little Annabel and her father were live on the Aktuaalne Kaamera news programme. Watch their interview here. You can read Annabel's parents' interview for the Delfi news portal here.

Our lovely donors

The foundation has plenty of donors worth a spotlight. For instance, entrepreneur Aare Koppel celebrated his birthday and asked his friends to make a donation to the cancer treatment foundation.

Kadri Kalamees, a member of the Keila finance committee, decided to donate her salary for cancer patients' treatment.

Indrek Laul, the owner of the Estonia Piano Factory and a member of the council of Omniva, the post and logistics company, donates half of his council member salary for cancer patients. Read more.

In February, Toivo Tänavsuu visited Estonia's centennial celebrations in Washington and New York, organised by the Estonians living in the U.S. We also held a charity auction during both events where CDs and books with composer Arvo Pärt's autographs and books signed by President Kersti Kaljulaid were sold, among others. All in all the U.S. Estonians contributed nearly 4700 dollars to the foundation.

In February, we raised donations during Arvo Pärt's concerts at the Nordea Concert Hall, basketball games in Rapla and Tallinn and in several department stores. The audience of famous rock band Toto raised 1250 euros for the foundation.

At the end of the year, kitchen furniture manufacturer Mööblimasin invited its customers to support the cancer treatment foundation. For every kitchen ordered in December the company attributed 3% for cancer patients. The year ended and kitchens were bought. As a result, nearly 1800 euros was raised.

Foundation's birthday

In February, we celebrated the Gift of Life Cancer Treatment Foundation's 4th anniversary.

The foundation was founded in February 2014. In four years, we have given more than 250 people hope and a chance to live. We have given crucial help to absolutely everyone who has come to us and belongs to our target group.

The people of Estonia have contributed more than 3.6 million euros all in all. So many people have found invaluable hope or gained extra years thanks to tens of thousands of donors. Read more here. Summary and pictures of the anniversary celebrations can be found here.

We summarised our year 2017: a hundred people helped, nobody left outside. Find out more here.

The President recognised Toivo Tänavsuu

Kersti Kaljulaid, the President of the Republic of Estonia, bestowed state decorations upon Estonia's most remarkable pioneers. Toivo Tänavsuu received the Order of the Red Cross, 4th class, for his helping cancer patients.

This was covered in the media:

State Decoration Bestowed upon Toivo and Hille: Millions of Euros Worth of Gifted Life
Toivo interviewed by the Ringvaade TV programme for being awarded the state decoration
Cancer Treatment Foundation Sprouted from 100,000 Euros Donated by Businessman Kristjan Rahu
Toivo Tänavsuu on TV3 on The Gift of Life Cancer Treatment Foundation: Estonian People Are Truly Remarkable Donors Deserving of a Decoration

Members of foundation council Dr Kadri Putnik, Dr Kristiina Ojamaa and Dr Peeter Padrik answered the questions of the readers of the Delfi news portal concerning cancer. Read the questions and answers here, here and here.

Rain Laane, the head of the Health Insurance Fund, recognised the Gift of Life's activities.

New donation possibilities

You can now visit our website and have your donation added to your phone bill. It's really simple: just enter the amount of your donation and your mobile number.

Customers of Elisa and Tele2 can make donations of up to five euros with the click of a mouse. Larger donations, regular donations and/or donations made via the Telia mobile network need to be confirmed with an SMS.

The service works in all networks. The amount of the donation is added to your phone bill next month. The service fee is 5%.

The technical solution for microdonations was made by Zlick, an Estonian start-up, which made it work in cooperation with the Sviiter creative agency.

You can now make a donation by bankcard in Circle K stations in addition to cash donations. Just ask the cashier to add the donation to your receipt. Read more here.

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Katrin Kuusemäe
The CEO of the Gift of Life Cancer Treatment Foundation

Toivo Tänavsuu
The head and founder of the Gift of Life Cancer Treatment Foundation

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