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Cancer Treatment Foundation's April: Annabel conquered cancer and Janek Mäggi became a minister

In April, Cancer Treatment Foundation "The Gift of Life" received more than 126,000 euros in donations. The foundation council approved funding of the treatment of 17 people, 7 of whom are receiving the foundation's support for the first time. All in all, the foundation covered nearly 209,000 euros worth of medical bills.

The foundation's workload is continually growing at a fast pace. As of today, we have already received nearly a hundred requests for help this year, and contributed more than one million euros to the health of Estonian people. But the year is not even halfway through. For comparison: last year we supported one hundred persons altogether with more than 1,4 million euros for their treatment.
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Annabel conquered cancer!

In April, the television show "Pealtnägija" told a story about brave, little Annabel. We managed to collect more than 200,000 euros in one day for her neuroblastoma treatment. Today, the expensive and difficult treatment is finished, and the doctors have declared the sweet, little girl cancer-free!
Watch a clip from "Pealtnägija” here

Annabel's family are very grateful, and we celebrate with them. Meanwhile, we invite all Estonians to support kids with cancer and their families by taking part in a charity event "Pardiralli". The event takes place on 9th June in Kadriorg Park, where 14,000 rubber ducks participate in the race.
To take part in the race, you can buy duck numbers here
People contributed to Erko's treatment with 26,000 euros

In April, we began to support the lung cancer treatment of Erko Seene, a 36-year-old family man. In a few days, more than 1,200 Estonians or Estonian enterprises donated almost 26,000 euros.
These donations enable us to support Erko's treatment for a long time while he focuses on what is most important - maintaining his health and recovery. And his lovely family.

Erko writes:
"I would have never thought this would happen to me. I feel for the people who suffer. At the same time, I didn't realise how fragile life and health are - our most important assets.
I'm 36 years old, an average hard-working Estonian man. So far, I have worked in Finland as a builder. My partner, daughter, and I live in a small apartment in Mustamäe. We led a quiet, normal life. Until December 2016, when I got diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.
I felt ill. Occasionally had a fever. Yet, I thought it was just exhaustion or a mild flu. The coughing got worse and that's how I finally got diagnosed. By then, the cancer had spread to the brain. Fortunately, we managed to get rid of it with one round of radiation.
I received chemotherapy for the lung tumour a couple of times; it went well. It seemed as though everything would pass with ease. I continued with medication until the autumn of 2017, and then came the first setback: my body got used to the pills and they stopped working. I started new chemotherapy. This time, the cancer had spread to the bones. I get an injection for the bone cancer every 30 days.
This January, they discovered some kind of bundle around my heart, which was filled with fluid. My condition was difficult, but the surgery went well. It didn't take long before the same fluid started to gather around the lungs. This started to interrupt breathing.
For relief, they inserted a drainage tube into my right lung, which would take out the excess fluid. As if this wasn't enough, they also found clots in my lungs. I get blood-thinning injections for this.
I can't be without extra oxygen at home any more. Unfortunately, the doctor announced that the chemotherapy was no longer working. My only option is an expensive medicine, which costs thousands of euros a month. An average man cannot afford this.
Lately, I spend more time at the hospital than at home. In fact, I'm here right now. I would like to go home to my wife and daughter. My daughter will turn 4 in July - I'd like to see that. Just as I'd like to see her 5th, 6th and other birthdays. The Cancer Treatment Foundation and dear Estonian people - you are my last chance."
Cancer is not something to be ashamed of, it is cruel destiny.

Agu Uudelepp, who has been fighting lung cancer for two years and received help from our foundation, told us about his battle.
Read the article here
Janek Mäggi became a minister

At the end of April, prime minister Jüri Ratas made Janek Mäggi, the co-founder of the Cancer Treatment Foundation and the member of the council, an unexpected offer to become the Minister of Public Administration.
Find out more here
During his first days at the new position, the minister also collected donations. Find out more here
The Archbishop, Misses, and mayflies
With the foundation volunteers we collected donations at the basketball games in Pärnu, Rapla, and Tartu, as well as in supermarkets all over Estonia. The visitors of the Estonian National Opera could make spontaneous donations during the intermissions of 15 plays.

The winners of TV3 show "Suure tähe väike täht", Urmas Viilma and her daughter donated 1,200 euros to the foundation.
Sports club 3D Treening organised a charity day and auctions, where everyone could learn self-defense, and go to the sauna. Altogether, the foundation received 2,575 euros for the support of cancer patients.

From the beginning of March, everyone could purchase mayflies on the Lillelapsiku Loomaaed Facebook page by making a donation to the Cancer Treatment Foundation. The mayflies were hand-made by talented Estonian crochet artists. In April, the foundation received 39 donations totalling 1,052 euros as the "domestication fee" for the flies.

The Miss Rapla County pageant collected 600 euros in donations and the donation box that had been at the Airport of Tallinn received 1,400 euros over some time.
Each Goal = 30 Euros to Cancer Patients

Now everyone has even more of a reason to support the soccer club FC Reaal. Their new season began in April. The club's partner, Orangetime will donate 30 euros to the foundation for each goal. Last season, the club scored 30 goals and the foundation received 900 euros.
The gloomy autumn-winter season has ended, and we managed to sell 14,000 Cancer Treatment Foundation reflectors during this dark time all over Estonia.
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