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Cancer Treatment Foundation contributes half a million euros to people’s treatment in just two months

Pressure on the Gift of Life foundation is growing all the time. In August and September, 48 people asked the foundation for help, and we contributed a total of 480,000 euros to their treatment. The youngest person to receive help was a 31-year-old woman.
In August the foundation:

- “brought home" 18,000 euros in donations from liquor stores on the Latvian border;
- collected donations at the Leigo Lake Music Festival, Paide Opinion Festival, Viru Folk at Käsmu, August Insomnia, Weekend Festival in Pärnu, a sing-along at the Song Festival Grounds, the "Laula mu laulu, Vol2" concert tour and the We Love the 90's retro music festival. At these events, Estonian people collectively contributed more than 20,000 euros to the treatment of cancer patients;
- held our first fund-raising at a nightclub. The 30+ crowd at Pärnu's Sunset nightclub supported cancer patients with more than 1000 euros;
- concluded the European Cup tour with the Estonian Football Association, during which we raised 7500 euros in donations. We received six tickets from PlayStation for the Real Madrid vsAtletico Madrid game at Lilleküla Stadium, which were sold in a fund-raising auction for almost 19,000 euros;
- visited a number of fairs, home cafés, street festivals and end-of-summer parties, represented by its volunteers. Everyone had the chance to do a spontaneous good deed; and
- launched an initiative with Circle K petrol stations, which introduced yellow fund-raising coffee cups. By choosing these, customers donated 10 cents to the treatment of cancer patients and Circle K an additional 10 cents. Altogether there were around 100,000 cups, which have long since sold out.
In September the foundation:
- took part in a fund-raising book fair organised by the NPO Raamat Rahvale at Tallinn Creative Hub, where we had a foundation stand with books donated by publishing houses, plus the Waffle Café of the Cancer Treatment Foundation. The event added a further 3350 euros to the foundation’s coffers;
- attended the birthday parties of the companies Esvika and Hyrles, whose guests supported the foundation with more than 20,000 euros in donations as their present;
- once again released its fund-raising reflectors, which are now available in stores. Autumn is here and it's getting dark outside. A reflector is necessary, even mandatory, and also makes an ideal gift; and
- met with senior figures in Estonian health care policy at the Super Ministry. In addition to representatives of the foundation, the meeting included Minister of Health and Labour Riina Sikkut; Deputy Secretary General for Health Maris Jesse; Chairman of the Management Board of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund Rain Laane; and many others. Nothing groundbreaking occurred at the meeting.
Call to action: Give the gift of life this Christmas!
For a number of years now the Gift of Life Cancer Treatment Foundation has been asking businesses all over Estonia to stop giving people boring and useless presents, instead gifting hope, life and health to Estonian people via donations. And at the same time, the foundation is offering surprises to place in the gift bags of corporate Santas.

Companies have the chance to submit their donations to the general coffers of the foundation, so to speak, or to support a specific person's fight against cancer as part of a multilateral agreement.

Businesses which want to support the battles of cancer patients but would still like something to put in Santa's bag of presents can make the most of the foundation’s fund-raising reflectors and old-school waffles in cooperation with Vahvlihaldjad. Fund-raising Christmas cards are also available from the foundation.

Founder Toivo Tänavsuu and CEO Katrin Kuusemäe are happy to come and give a thank-you speech at any corporate Christmas party and talk more about their mission. The foundation can also provide equipment for collecting donations at Christmas parties, fairs and evening events.

Any business interested in raising money for charity can send an e-mail to and receive the best Christmas offer regarding the needs of your company.

Want to support cancer patients and give them the gift of life?

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Wishing you a wonderful autumn,

Katrin Kuusemäe & Toivo Tänavsuu

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