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Summer at the Cancer Treatment Foundation: a new request every day, but nobody is left without hope

June and July are now behind us: two extraordinarily busy months for the foundation's team. During these two months the foundation received over 400,000 euros and supported more than 53 people in need. Altogether, the foundation contributed over 150,000 euros to treatment.

The amount of help requests has reached new heights. Whereas at the beginning of the year the foundation was receiving 15-20 requests per month, then during recent months there has been a new request every day! Meanwhile, our opportunities for showing support have grown as well: the cancer treatment foundation has turned into a movement where thousands of Estonian people are making sure that no one is left without the necessary treatment, hope and chance to live.
Keywords in June and July
Most of June was dedicated to the ‘Pardiralli’ event. We helped the Estonian Association of Parents of Cancer Patients and the charity foundation "Minu Unistuste Päev" organise this great family charity event. 14,000 rubber ducks were let into the canal at Kadriorg Park, and the event raised more than 214,000 euros for supporting children with cancer and their families. The Cancer Treatment Foundation received a third of this amount.
On 8 July the foundation's volunteers visited Kadriorg Palace, where President Kersti Kaljulaid organised a small reception especially for us. We talked about the work of the foundation, the funding of healthcare and much more.
In July, our volunteers visited the ‘super ministry’, where we met ministers Riina Sikkut and Janek Mäggi. We gifted the government representatives with a cake from which a 9% piece had been cut out: exactly 9% is what the state takes from us as VAT when we buy medications with the donated money. This year we will be paying nearly 200,000 euros in VAT. Many consider it unfair.
We added up the donations gathered at this season's basketball games of the Alexela Big League: altogether 7500 euros. Collaboration with the basketball union will continue next season.
We gathered donations at Northern Estonia's biggest Midsummer Eve event at Kose and Southern-Estonia's biggest event at Pühajärve,as well as at the Retrobest festival in Otepää, at Õllesummer, at Tallinn Maritime Days, at the Guns N' Roses and A-Ha concerts, at Suur rahvapidu Läti moodi, Viljandi Folk Music Festival, the Southern-Estonian Rally, the Baltic Sun festival, Saaremaa Opera Festival, Uulu Lamba Vest and many other events. Altogether, people donated more than 30,000 euros to the foundation at these events.
At the end of June we launched a movement called "Bring some of the money back from Latvia" wherein we are gathering donations at the Superalko liquor stores in Valka and Ainaži on weekends. By the end of July, we had "brought back" close to 18,000 euros. We'll continue with this movement in August.
We announced that Circle K Estonia and its clients had supported the foundation with nearly 40,000 euros since the end of last year. There are donation boxes at Circle K petrol stations, and people can also donate by card.
We closed the Cancer Treatment Foundation's account in Danske Bank in summer. We still have accounts in Swedbank, SEB Bank, LHV Bank and Luminor.
For a while now we have noticed an interesting trend: the Cancer Treatment Foundation is receiving more and more donations from municipal governments with explanations such as "salary" or "income". Turns out that people working in Anija, Elva, Puhja, Rae, Haaslava and Kastre municipal governments are simply kind-hearted and have given up their salaries, asking to donate it to the foundation instead.

The Cancer Treatment Foundation's annual report for 2017 was closed in June, prepared by Deloitte. Our report was presented to the business registry and all those interested can view it HERE.

In the report we give a thorough account of our activities in 2017. The most important was the fact that the foundation's workload more than doubled (with income close to 1.8 million euros) and all those who requested help from us and fell within the foundation's target group received the necessary treatment. No one was left without a last resort. We are talking about 100 human lives and their families.
It is worth mentioning that the foundation's operating costs made up just 3% of all income (donations). This means that nearly 97% of all donations received went straight towards paying treatment bills.
From this summer, the foundation is being served by a Mercedes-Benz Vito minivan, which is helping us participate in various events around Estonia. The van was rented to us by Silberauto, which is basically covering the rental payments itself. The van received free insurance from If Insurance. Petrol is being provided to us by Circle K Estonia.
Come and take a look at the most sought-after soccer trophies in the world!
In July we headed out on a nationwide Tour of Trophies with the football Premium League and Estonian Football Association.
From 20 July-12 August, 10 Premium League matches will be held in seven Estonian cities. Before the matches there will be a presentation of the most desired trophies in European football: the UEFA Super Cup, the European League Cup and the trophy of the Champions League.
*We will be collecting donations at all games: you can pay by card or in cash
*The clubs will donate half of all ticket sales in support of cancer patients
*We will be organising charity auctions of items from the clubs and stars of Estonia’s national teams at the games
*At the end of each game, we will draw two tickets to the UEFA Super Cup Final Match between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid at Lilleküla stadium on 15 August.
*The trophies are for everyone to admire before all the games: the festival area with the trophies, catering and different activities will open two hours before the games.
The tour continues on 4 August in Narva, 5 August in Tallinn at Hiiu Stadium, 10 August in Paide, 11 August in Tartu and 12 August in Pärnu before ending on 14 & 15 August in Tallinn on Freedom Square.
Read more about the Tour of Trophies HERE.
Gifted hope and life
During the last couple of months we have published the stories of several people in need of help and those who have already received it: stories of gifted life.
57-year-old Saaremaa family man Ott: read Ott's story HERE
35-year-old mother Katrin: read Katrin's story HERE
38-year-old Marina: read Marina's stories HEREand HERE
36-year-old family man Erko: read Erko's story HERE
37-year-old Viljandi County family man Raivo: read Raivo's story HERE
46-year-old mother and grandmother Irene from Pärnu: read Irene's story HERE
54-year-old family man Aavo: read Aavo's story HERE
69-year-old gentleman the foundation has supported since summer 2015: read his story HERE
Want to support cancer patients and gift them with life?

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Wishing you a pleasant late summer,
Katrin Kuusemäe & Toivo Tänavsuu

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