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Charity Duck Race Invites Everyone to Support Children Diagnosed with Cancer and Their Families

Three Estonian charities – the Estonian Association of Parents of Children with Cancer (EAPCC), the Gift of Life Cancer Treatment Foundation and Minu Unistuste Päev (My Dream Day) charity foundation invite all Estonian people and companies to participate in this year's Duck Race and support children diagnosed with cancer and their families by doing so. Nearly 14,000 rubber ducks enter the race.

The Duck Race taking place on 9 June in Kadriorg Park in Tallinn is the largest charity family fun day. Everyone can visit the event's website and purchase themselves, their family or employees racing duck numbers or make a donation for little patients. The purpose of the Duck Race is to make sure that every child fighting this terrible disease receives crucial treatment and their families are provided with necessary support.

"I'm delighted that we've made it to our anniversary Duck Race, this one being our fifth. The fact that the Gift of Life Cancer Treatment Foundation joins the organising team this year seems very natural to me," said Märt Avandi, the founder of the EAPCC. "I hope that as a result of cooperation of three strong foundations the Duck Race will do as well or even better compared to previous years."

"The Gift of Life Cancer Treatment Foundation and the EAPCC together funded the neuroblastoma treatment of 6-year old Tauris and 7-year old Annabel last year, contributing all in all nearly a quarter of a million euros for their health. Both of our little heroes are doing well, bringing joy to their families," said Toivo Tänavsuu, the head of the cancer treatment foundation. "By participating the Duck Race, you will help to provide other children diagnosed with this terrible disease with crucial treatment, life and a chance to grow up."

Kristiina Gabor-Mägi, the CEO of the Minu Unistuste Päev charity foundation, sees the Duck Race as an excellent opportunity for joining the forces of three charity foundations. "Together we can do more good and draw attention to the subject important for society. Children diagnosed with cancer need both financial and emotional support for coping with such a serious illness," Kristiina Gabor-Mägi said.

The Minu Unistuste Päev has organised Tauris and Annabel a personal dream day and they have participated in several group events with their families.

The money raised during Duck Race 2018 will be used to fund the support centre for children diagnosed with cancer and their families, founded as a result of the previous races. The centre provides young cancer patients and their families with comprehensive assistance and supporting services.

In cooperation with the Gift of Life Cancer Treatment Foundation the EAPCC can also use the funds of the Duck Race to finance treatment not covered by the Health Insurance Fund, if necessary. The Minu Unistuste Päev fulfils the dreams of severely or chronically ill children to give them faith, hope and strength.

The Duck Race 2018 takes place on 9 June in Kadriorg Park in Tallinn, where nearly 14,000 rubber ducks prepare to race. This open access event provides plenty of entertainment, the best caterers and lots of fun for the entire family.

There are two options for supporting young cancer patients:

1) Participate the race by purchasing a duck number from Purchasing the number means, in essence, requiting a personal racing duck for the race.
2) Make a donation for children diagnosed with cancer:
Payee: Eesti Vähihaigete Laste Vanemate Liit
Purpose of the payment: Duck Race
Swedbank EE562200221064019722
Luminor EE471700017003582602
Danske EE783300332165660008
LHV EE147700771001365866
SEB EE561010220267764221

The Estonian Association of Parents of Children with Cancer ( was founded in 1992 with the purpose of helping the parents of children diagnosed with cancer. The association constitutes people who share a similar experience, know what they are talking about and wish to help.

The Hille Tänavsuu Gift of Life Cancer Treatment Foundation ( was founded in 2014. The foundation covers the medical bills of patients whose medications are not compensated by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, as far as the amount of donations enables it to.

The Minu Unistuste Päev charity foundation ( was founded in 2011. It is based on the help of volunteers and sponsors' funds and its purpose is to fulfil the dreams of seriously or chronically ill children, thus providing both children and their loved ones with emotional support – positive experiences, joy and encouragement.

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